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Living in The Bahamas

The 700 majestic islands that make up The Bahamas is very well known as the western hemisphere’s premiere tropical playgound for anyone seeking adventure, relaxation, marine excursions and a taste of Caribbean culture. Warm, turquoise waters offer breathtaking scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and a plethora of other fun-filled activities. The Bahamas also offers a calendar filled with art, culture, music, exotic car and boat races and celebrity golf tournaments.


The Bahamas is known for its friendly people and warm culture, which features a unique blend of African traditions and British colonial influences with a laid-back Caribbean island lifestyle. Almost any time of the year, an island somewhere in the Bahamas will be hosting a colorful festival, a regatta or a celebration. Key features of most Bahamian celebrations are music and dance.


When you retire to the Bahamas you’ll find that the locals are friendly to newcomers. English is the common language spoken, crime is relatively low, and the islands are positioned just off the Florida coast. The parity between Bahamian dollars and U.S. dollars means that any business will accept either currency. Both medical and dental treatment generally costs less in the Bahamas than it does in the U.S.


Buying property in The Bahamas is a simple and seamless process. Foreigners may acquire residential property in the Bahamas of up to 5 acres, without Government approval. These purchases must be registered in accordance with the International Persons Landholding Act. Purchasers of second homes are eligible for a Home Owners’ Residence Card, which is renewable annually.

Bahamas Attractions


Avid scuba divers and snorkelers have long been the pioneering visitors to many of the Outer Islands, drawn by their incredibly clear water, majestic coral reefs and underwater marine ecosystems and marine wildlife that inhabit the deep-blue waters of the Gulf Stream.


Bahamas vacations are excellent for boaters and sailors that enjoy year-round access to the excellent cruising waters of the Sea of Abaco, and boats constantly make the crossing from Florida to the Out Islands of The Bahamas for fishing and diving expeditions.


The shallow waters of the Out Islands are famous fishing grounds for the avid angler. From monstrous marlin of the deep blue to silver streaks of lightning created by bonefish zipping across sandy flats, the Out Islands offer spectacular and consistent year-round fishing.


Perfect waves have been breaking on the reefs of the Bahamian archipelago for millions of years, but it is only in the last few decades that surfers discovered the hidden secret of the Out Islands. An amazing break in a remote location that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.


The Outer Islands offer some of the most specaular kiteboarding conditions in The Bahamas. Consistent trade winds that blow through the island channels, coupled with warm waters and endless pink sand beaches are any kiteboarder’s paradise.


Literally thousands of miles of calm Caribbean coastline and fascinating tidal creeks await kayakers – bird-and-wildlife watchers can double their sightings by spotting both from topside hiking trails and by silently paddling amid the lush mangrove forests.


Birders life lists are expanded here not only by the famed pink flamingoes and rare Bahama Parrot that call the Out Islands home, but also by 43 other endemic species, by more than 100 kinds of birds that breed here and 169 others that use the Out Islands as part of their migration.


With so many islands to choose from, hopping between the Outer Islands is not only an activity, it’s a passion. From Abacos to the Exumas, island-hoppers can do an island a day, finding new experiences on each. There is diving off Long Island, bone fishing and blue marlin fishing.

Bahamas Developments

Benefits of Explore Bahamas


Explore Bahamas has over 10 years of real estate experience in assisting Buyers acquire their piece of paradise in The Bahamas. Our friendly team of tour operators and sales consultants have ensured that our customers have a memorable and pleasant experience, from tours to transactions.


At Explore Bahamas you are privy to the most sought after properties, but more importantly, have access to developments that offer amazing discounts and favorable purchase terms. Such terms have allowed many of our clients to realize the added potential of owning their dream property in The Bahamas.


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Our fun-filled Explore Bahamas property tours are the best way to get a feel for the country. You get to explore beautiful areas, partake in outdoor excursions, relax on tropical beaches while sipping cocktails, as well as view some of the amazing opportunities we have to offer.